Thursday, 12 May 2011

selecting coaching institute for iit jee

If you are preparing for iit jee you must chose a right institute for the preparation because coaching institute selection is one of the most important factor that may change your result because in iit you are competing with the whole india and going one step wrong will change the whole result so you must chose the institute by keeping the following things in mind-

  •  see the previous year result of the institute that how many student s got selected in iit 
  • see the distance of the institute form your time and the time required to travel
  • get advice from your seniors about the institute
  • see the environment of the institute and see are you comfortable with it or not
  • also see that test are organised at regular intervals or not

these factors are very important while selecting the institute as this will help you to chose the institute which is most suitable for you because only seeing the previous year result and joining the institute is not the right way because that institute may be good for them but it is not necessary that it will be good for you also.
check for the topics in which you are weak and see that are these topics are taught well at the institute.
you should also check the doubt solving system of the institute so that your doubts are solved.
organize your schedule in such a way that you are able to manage the regular work and revise the previous topics also. Because you have to use all your knowledge in just one day so you should be able to recall it very fast.

once you have selected the institute you should also go for a test series that may be online or not but this will help you  to judge you at national level and this will also help you see your mistakes. This will also make you familiar  with the exam environment and this will help you during the exam to bear the exam stress and tension during the exam

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