Monday, 11 April 2011


Hey friends after seeing your 10th result what  things comes in your mind  are you going to become an engineer or a doctor or a charted accountant. May be some one tell you to take biology and become a doctor or take science and become a engineer. So we are a very confused about it as we don't know what to do an how to do .
The thing that you should consider is what are you made for what is your aim where you see yourself after completing your education.So its simple it doesn't depend on your parents or you friends or your relative or any one else it depends on you that what you want to do. Now after this the you should think that the how you can achieve that task. gather all the information regarding to that and see where you are strong and where you are weak. analyses of weak points is also as necessary as that of analyses of your strong points.Now you should set small goals to remove your weakness as this will increase your confidence and also this will be increasing your performance graph.
If you want to become engineer what is the first thing that comes in your mind you want to become and iitian there are near 5 lakhs students who appear in the exam and only about 10 thousand got selected.
so there must be some difference between them and the rest of the students .This difference not only comes from studies but also from you should plan and study.As they don't do anything different but they do it in a different way.So for going in any of the iit you have to crack iitjee that the joint Entrance Examination which is considered one of the toughest exam of  india.